Safeway Chevrolet - Lieing to me

Wilmington, North Carolina 1 comment

they told me they had a lower intrest rate and when i sign papers they were diff than what i was told .they added some add on on trk and then added to price of trk they said they would give them to me.i had trust in them and then to find out they did me like this.they told me they had sent loan info to sharonview and they did not i went to sharonview and they refinainsed it for me and save me some money . safeway chev in burgaw will never get anymore of my biz i know someone who work there and they said that there is a lot of this going on there

Review about: Intrest Rate.



What are you 5 from what I read in your statement you can't spell or use grammar properly so there for I bet you can't read well either

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